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    Can that be possible? I think i must be doing something wrong because I see no threads about it and no homebrew patches. Its a major issue for me. I keep getting an error message "can not open MIME file" I called support and they told me the only way to do it is to transfer it from a windows machine.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The interesting thing is that I don't have the MIMe type problem, but still can't download a PDF file. I don't know whether its related to the filesize (around 60MB), but I think its another stupid problem of the browser. Whenever I click on the download link it starts the download in the right pane, but stops immediately. There is a button ”download” (=”herunterladen”) but after clicking it it seems to download for the blink of any eye just to stop again. I have no clue how to download this file, which really sucks.

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    Disappointing, isn't it? This isn't alpha or beta software, either. Apparently HP abandoned WebOS long before the official announcement. It shouldn't be up to third-party developers to figure out solutions and create patches to implement basic functions, but that's where we are with WebOS.

    To answer your question, though, it was addressed by mdy62 in another thread:

    If you have preware installed then you can use internalz pro instead of Gemini File Manager. If you don't have preware installed then you need to use a file manager of some sort, and Gemini is available in the App Catalog.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Click the link to download the file that you want to read, then go ahead and download it
    2. Make note (mental or otherwise) of the filename. My example file is "example"
    3. Open your file manager and browse over to the following directory: /media/internal/downloads/
    4. Find your file and rename it to whatever you like, with the extension ".pdf" (eg. "example.pdf")
    5. Go ahead and open the file.

    It's cumbersome (and should be unnecessary) but it works. There's also a patch available from GyroJoe. I haven't tried it, but many seem to be having success with it.

    Next you'll probably expect that the text will still look good and be easy to read when zoomed. Again, you'll have to resort to a fix developed by a PreCentral user rather than a fix directly from HP. The procedure is summed up nicely by Razzbaron ( but was initially described by Sagipe (

    Happier reading!
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    Thanks so much for the useful and detailed reply.I will try the fixes later.And yes it is disappointing especially when it is something as basic as reading PDFs or losing sound or having a reliable alarm clock.I still really enjoy my TP but would not be too happy if I paid more than the fire sale price.Thanks again for the helpful info.

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