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    ** for hp employees only **

    Trying to access HP internal network using HP Remote Access.
    Although I followed all steps and got HP Remote Access app + PPTP VPN app installed, after trying USA and European gateways I am getting a "Failed to authenticate" error message
    My One time password token generator is fully synchronized so no worry there.

    tks for your help,
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    it worked for me.

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    hi alan, which gateway did you use?
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    Kudos, I thought all the internal units had ended up on ebay!

    A differant take on the 'HP Way'

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    I tried it with the UK and Austin gateways.

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    tried again yesterday & did not work although tried on my pc with OATH & it worked.
    looks like tp is refused from vpn server. Is there any authorisation to get from IT?

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    I'll email you the mail I got showing how it worked. But I need your HP email. So, can you send that to me - I'm the only alan sharkey in the gal

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    I am also unable to get remote access working. I was able to get my HP email working but not remote access. I have also tried all the us gateways.
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    worked for me in USA but of course MOC web doesn't work , hopefully the synegery plugins will be updated to 3.0
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    Someone who is talented, should write a script that automates the procedure. Its mostly free ware, and I bet some (including myself) would kick in some money or award. We're so close...
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    well it is kind of automated you get the app , it sets up the VPN profiles and downloads the pptp connection. You just needs the oath and you should be fine. It has to be 3.02 make sure of that
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    I re-synched the oath a few times but now it works fine
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    also remember this an open forum , so not to many details please here
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    If you can get Oath token to syn, great, if not, redo it again or retest it. I used Austin and it works. Only thing won't work is your exchange and that's because you have to apply for access. once that access is given, you are golden.

    I did not not apply for access, because I think you have to Lock your touchpad and not sure if they have a the remote format command going. I don't like to give anybody ability to format my Touchpad.

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