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    i have both, will be letting go of the pre3 though, will let you guys know when i do!
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    Quote Originally Posted by yorxs View Post
    No, I love my Touchpad at $99, but the lack of Netflix, Hulu (down for Touchpad yet again), website incompatibility problems ( makes it just to much of a compromise when paying full retail for a pre 2. My Motorola Droid which is 2 years old can do all of the above and is priced at the same price as a pre with all its limitations. What made me buy a TouchPad that it can do 90% of what the others can at 20% of the price, I don't see this same comparison with the pre.
    Get the advanced browser--I was able to get all the websites you said you couldn't get--quickly.

    My standard browser & advanced browser had no problems w/Pizza Hut, but it did suggest I get Chrome or something else. I said no thanks and it went immediately to the site.

    Not trying to talk you into a Pre, just saying the TouchPad w/the advanced browser could handle the sites you had trouble with. I think it was $1.99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblather View Post
    Yes. I wanted to get the Pixi Plus as a result of getting my TP.

    This week, I looked at getting a Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon, but then saw that activation REQUIRES a data plan for that device.

    Since I'm hardly ever out of wifi range, this didn't make sense for me to spend the enormous amount of money for the data plan that I'd never use. So I nixed the entire idea.
    Actually, you can get it off contract ($40?) and not need a data plan.
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    I love my Pre+ and was waiting for Pre3. Didn't want any tablet. Hubbie bought a TP for me.
    He uses the TP as much if not more than I do. He won't give up his Android phone even though we both like WebOS.

    First is the app sit. Not only are there more apps for Android, they are cheaper. There is also a short period to try an app and "return" it for refund if you don't like it. Second, Google has made integration of phone & PC great. Also, he isn't wondering what he'll do if his phone bbreaks/dies, like I am.
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    why oh why only 8 gigs of storage on the pre3? Bummer.
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