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    I love my TP spool much! If the pre 3 supported AT&T fully, I would prolly get one of those rather than an iphone 5. If HTC made a webOS phone... I'd probably be first in line lol
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    Jailbroken iPhone 4 is still my best mobile companion, though the touchpad has been complimenting it nicely
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    I *almost* got a Pre, but I scored a Nexus S 4G for $100 -- too good a deal to pass up.
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    Maybe a 4"+ pre4 but otherwise, no.
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    I've had my sprint pre for over 2 years. I've been eligible for an upgrade since June 2010. If I can get a hold of an att pre 3, I'll leave sprint to get it.
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    I was waiting for a Pre3... Since they are not coming to the US, I just received my Veer. So far, so good! I used to have an iPhone 3GS that I hated to use now that I have my TouchPad -- I kept trying to swipe up to close an application.
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    I only wish that I could get a Pre3 to give my TouchPad company. I'm loving it so bad. I haven't really used any of my other computers since I got it on monday, and even my Pre Plus only gets used for the odd phonecall, or when I'm in the bus.

    If Easter and Christmas fall on the same day, a Pre3 running webOS 3 (really quite a step up in my opinion, even though it still has kinks to be worked out) is #1 on my wishlist.

    Even if HP decided to kill webOS, a TP/Pre3 setup would let me keep using webOS for some time longer, on really really neat devices.
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    no way, love my TP (mostly because of price), but I'll stick with android OS
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    No, I can (just after a lot of patching) live with the lack of apps on a nomadic device but it would drive me nuts on a mobile one so I will stick to my android device.
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    If htc buys webOS I'll definitely get a phone made by htc with webOS. The pre has a sliding physical keyboard which I can't stand and makes devices unnecessarily bulkier.
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    I did. After having the tp for a few weeks I decided to give up android and went with a pre2. Loving it so far...
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    I would have for $75.
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    Have to say that the TouchPad has not been a device that makes me want to go all-in to webOS.

    Thus far, out of box it was very slow, many freezes, and a few required hard starts.
    Some manual setting helped the overall performance.
    Preware added functionality and more performance but brought up other issues => back to stock.

    Hardware isn't anything impressive. . . developed speaker cracks quickly and flex in the screen which lead to light bleeding through. Sent one back to be fixed, HP received the device a few days ago but still show they are waiting for it--customer service hasn't been anything to write home about, etc. . . no, they aren't winning me over with the TouchPad thus far.
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    Had a Pre2, which is why I was interested in the TP. Love the Pre2; bought a second to keep in reserve for when the first dies. For those who have liked webOS on the TP, it maybe better on the phone because of the gestures area and how much you can do with gestures. It makes one hand use of the phone a dream.
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    put me in the no camp. The number of webpages that don't work properly is driving me crazy. Add to the list. That coupled with the frequent 5 second freezes it seems like there are better alternatives.
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    love my launch day my touchpad...but getting a gs2 eventually

    webOS rocks...but app support is killing is HP.
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    already have purchased two used pre+ with touchstones just to fool around with. one isn't in the best physical condition, the other one is almost mint condition.

    really intrigued by the webos concept and development, so i figured i could try a couple things, use them for small internet devices, gps, etc...

    i would stick my att sim in and go with it, but i need it for my work blackberry. otherwise i would use them for phones also.
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    I would love to buy a pre, but you cant buy them in Australia
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    If they fixed the GPS bug for those of us that live in the southern hemisphere; I'd have a pre as my mobile device of choice for sure
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    Heh, I liked it so much I went out and got 2 Veers, a Pre2, and.... My Pre3 just came in from the UK a few days ago, lol - totally serious!

    I live in SF Bay area, so there are tons of firesale phones on Craigslist for very cheap! :-) The Pre3 was off ebay and not so cheap.

    Surprisingly, despite the small screen size, I like the Veer quite a lot. Very cool, fast little phone. Not so crazy about the Pre2 which feels clunky & cheap to me. The Pre3 has a solid build quality to it and screen size is same as an iphone, very awesome!

    So yeah, I was never really into WebOS until I got a Touchpad, it's really a great mobile OS, like they took the best of Android and iOS, put it into one. I really hope there's a future for it, would love to see HTC take it over!
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