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    I upgraded my launch day Pre for an Android phone 3 months ago, but with my recent purchase of the Touchpad I realize how much i miss using webOS. I reactivated my Pre- and am trying to tether it to my Touchpad using freetether, but it the TP can't detect it. Am I missing something? I know it doesn't work with android devices, but I figured it would have no problem with one of its own.
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    How are you trying to connect your Pre- with your TP (WiFi, Bluetooth or USB)? I am using WiFi, so the first thing is to turn WiFi on (freetether app) and then tap on WiFi icon on your TP. You should see the signal from your Pre- and then you can connect it.
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    I tether mine using Wi-Fi and the TP detects my pre- immediately. Are you trying to tether though Bluetooth or USB?
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    tried using wifi. my TP doesn't see it.
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    ok, i guess for whatever reason the 2nd reboot seemed to fix the problem. works like a charm.
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    Nice to hear that!

    Now have fun with your TP on the road!!!
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    This kills the Pre's battery pretty rapidly though. I now make sure to turn the clockspeed way down on he Pre via govnah, when using it as a hotspot, in a faint attempt to save precious phone juices.

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