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    Hey guys I wanna be able to put my Schools podcasts from ITunes on my computer over the TP. Hows the best way to go about it? WIll HPPlay accompish this?
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    There's a podcatcher app in the catalog and preware.

    I never do anything with podcasts so can't really tell you more than that.
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    If they are in an audio format that the Touchpad can recognize, just copy them over, or use HPPlay to import them. HP Play does auto-import iTunes data on first load, I'm not sure if there's a way to get it to do it after the first load, though.

    * edit: HP Play looks like it auto-imports iTunes on startup, and if not, you can always force the issue by going to View->Preferences->iTunesMusicLibrary->Import Library
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    use double twist to import non DRM stuff from your itunes library into TP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JaimitoBond View Post
    use double twist to import non DRM stuff from your itunes library into TP.
    Doubletwist > HP Play
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    Just copy them over USB
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    I just downloaded and tried double twist. It's great! The interface is very similar to iTunes, but works with non fruit devices. It puts HPPlay to shame. HP should have worked out a deal with these guys.

    Edit: Here's the link for a beta version that supports the TP:


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