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    Quote Originally Posted by MaDequipment View Post

    I still haven't been able to resolve my issues. If you could recall how to remove that locking sequence, that'd be fantastic.

    haven't located it but if it goes into the locking sequence THE iNAND
    needs to be replaced as I recall....

    I swear it is was either somewhere in the JEDEC specification JC-40/JC-41???

    or the sandisk site...cause I was looking for the SDIN4-E2
    which is listed in the touchpad BOM....
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    MaDequipment, I talked with a HP WebOS tech, told her about my issues (ie, slow boots, not being able to fix with WebOSDoctor), gave her the errors I had, made her sure I know what I was doing... She offerred repairs or advanced replacement... I actually choose the advanced replacement (she kept credit card on file as backup, mail new device, I ship back old device). Took about 2 weeks because they have low stock of replacements. There was suppose to be a $75 service charge, but I told her I just got the tablet a few weeks ago, so she waved all fees. There were no costs at all out of my pocket. Never mentioned anything to her about overclocking or anything, but I don't think that is the culpuit. My new TouchPad is still overclock and been working fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaowoo View Post
    hmm have you tried using 'secure full erase' (device info - reset options) and then use the webos doctor?

    i also had a similair problem, in my case i formated a partition to ext3 ..after secure full erase i was able to use the webos succesfully...

    good luck
    How do you do this when the PC doesn't detect your USB?
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