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    I am trying to read my epub book with preader. I downloaded a free book from and it is downloaded in /media/internal/downloads folder. I have Internalz Pro so I can view the epubfile.

    When I try loading it in the preader and click "Add Book to Library". I keep getting Your document list is empty.

    How do I force preader to open my downloaded books?

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    What extension does the file have? pReader locates files to add based on extension, so if the file doesn't have a recognized extension, it won't appear in the list.

    It sounds like you're using the version of pReader in the App Catalog. That is actually an older version of the app that is based on the SDK and is very slow. You might want to consider deleting that and installing pReader native instead. While it is technically considered a beta, it is nearly feature complete and much faster - especially for importing books.

    You can go to the official support thread for pReader native to download the app & discuss and questions or issues you might have. The pReader native thread is here:

    If you would rather continue using the App Catalog version of pReader, you should go to the official support thread located here:

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