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    Way back to July (remember then) when I first received my Touchpad and, oh dear, how things have progressed from there. First there was the folio case, a required add on to protect my new device. But wait, what about the Touchstone Charging Dock and Wireless Keyboard ..... No, all too much, or was it? Eventually I succumbed to the inevitable temptation and, gradually, built up my TP portfolio. Ah, bliss, everything just fits together so well - time to call a halt on this madness. But wait, those sneaky devious folk at HP announced Touchpad in the Bin, rake the bin while you can! What to do, what to do? I know that my partner Ev would just LOVE a Touchpad of her own and, at that price, it would be simply STUPID not to. But wait, what do I find? Only that I can get a Pre 3 and a Touchpad for a ridiculous price as a package ...... Should I, should I not? OF COURSE I SHOULD!! But wait, some of those recently joining PreCentral have nothing but I'll to speak of the TP, Pre 3 and, shockingly, WebOS itself. Am I influenced by their negativity ... Of course not, it's me! Now, happily a 2 Touchpad Family with a Pre 3 (replacing my fab HTC Incredible) and, lastly, a Touchstone charging dock! A convert? ABSOLUTELY! A heartfelt plea to HP - PLEASE SUPPORT THIS GREAT DEVICE AND SYSTEM. As for the negative posts, I understand your frustrations but give these devices and operating system a FAIR chance before your condemnation.
    Dee the Obscure
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    Quote Originally Posted by specter View Post
    Wow what? She echos the thoughts and feelings of many on here; or the many that bought their TP before the firs sale. You'll "hear" a different tone from people that post on here:

    - People that bough the TP before the fire sale, and liked it from the start. The kind of people that waited for months for this device to be released.

    - Trolls, Apple/Google lovers, or just haters in general. They love to buy a product, then come to forums to bash it. Or buy a competing product and come here to exclaim how great it is.

    - A new breed: fire sale users. They are still on the fence about their purchase. On one hand, it was 99.00. On they other hand, do they really need or want it?

    So anyway, most of us here feel the same way that Dee does about her device. Thanks for the post.
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    We should get a petition going.. this device is good.
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    good for you... Hp...anyone... Are you listening?
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    Love it, wish I had the option of a Pre3. Already bought one ebay Pre2, think I may pull the trigger on another tonight, can't afford the current Pre3 market.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Dee makes some great points, and I'm a kindred soul. Thanks, Dee, for stating what so many of us feel!
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    NickA, you missed a 4th category....

    - new converts: these people never had exposure to to webOS and actually love it more than apple or even Android itself! The new converts look at their Android phones longingly and wishes it was blanketed in webOS software....

    i am this 4th category. LOVE the webOS software and wish it would be given a fighting chance.
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    I was a week one buyer of the TP and that led me to what you see in my sig (Veer and Pre 3) plus four phone touchstones, one TP touchstone a case and a keyboard

    Love it.
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    I love the device. I hate some of the parts of the software. I'm hoping that I can do a part to help. Unfortunately, as merely an app developer, about all I can do is try to make my apps not screw up the system for other apps. And I'm really hating that right now, the email program is refusing to download any of my emails.
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