So I know there are some video player threads already but I'm not sure if I missed something. maybe someone can help me out?

So I installed all the preware and overclocked to 1.5ghz.
I also installed the kalemware BETA 0.3.6 (i think thats the version)

I am able to play 720p videos that I converted via Handbrake to mp4 (a FOUR hour process :-) )...but I know a lot of quality is lost.

I converted b/c most of my mkv 720p movies are well over 4GB. So I know I'll have to either trim or convert those. But I've also tried some TV episodes that are around 1GB mkv's and 720p. The shows are only an hour long so they're smaller.

BUT when I play them in the kalemsoft player the audio is off and I get a some freezing/studder. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to make sure a bitrate is lower than some number? Just not sure what else to do. I thought for sure I'd at least be able to play my mkv TV shows with no issue.

Is it b/c it's the beta version of the player? Or is there something I haven't tried?

Thanks to everyone! I'm a new TP user and excited to be involved