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    Personal hotspot working on non-doctored TP. TP is BT tethered to Veer for phone calls too. This is what I wanted..... This is how I did it.

    TP also running all suggested patches, tweaks, a bunch of apps and Ubuntu Chroot......

    1. Deleted all Wifi, BT and USB relationships on all devices, keyboard, car, phone, etc.
    2. Full Reboot all(don't know if it makes a diff)
    3. Started iPhone 4 personal hotspot with Wifi and BT only, no USB
    4. Turned on TP Wifi
    5. Upon location of iPhone signal, typed in passwd
    6. Received "ka-dunk" noise on TP (connection success alert)
    7. Browsed to precentral.... worked pretty fast
    8. Did "" test (2.87mg down, .43mg up) Good enough for the road
    9. Turned TP BT on, paired with keyboard, Good
    10. Turned Veer BT on, paired good with TP, made call to home good.
    11. Turned iPhone BT on and paired with Sony BT50 Stereo headset with Mic, made call and listened to music. Good.
    12. Paired Veer with BT Car (unconnect) worked good.

    Rebooted everything (car too) and all appropraite connections relinked automatically!


    No SIMs, BlueTeeth or HotSpots were harmed in the making of this thread. Simularities between the dead and living are purely coincidental. If these instructions do not work for you, try holding your mouth different, or turning your head away from the TouchPad and cursing HP.
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    Has anyone else got thiers to work?
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    Let us know when you can receive texts on your touchpad sent from your iPhone 4. Until then...
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    Agreed. I already have mywi to tether my iphone 4 to my TP. What i want is to be able to text my buddies, from my TP while i'm playing with my TP.
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    I just use GV Text since I want one number for all my text messaging. So no matter if I have my phone, TP, work desktop or my Wife's laptop. One number.

    for under $3.00 for TP can't go wrong

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