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    okay i just wanted to get this thing to do one MAIN thing and thats to read .PDF files

    and i am quite disappointed. Some say its a software issue with rendering.....any better programs to open .pdfs?

    it opens them but when zooming the quality is horrible and then its much slower too! And yes the pdfs are good quality they show up fine elsewhere (other tablets)

    i use my macbook pro to read my pdfs and didnt wanna sell a kidney to get a ipad so i thought i would get this instead since its smaller and more portable

    yes i have searched already and the general idea is NO, we are stuck atm?
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    stuck atm
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    Yeah, it's absolutely terrible. I'm actually reading PDFs from inside ubuntu because it's still somewhat better =(
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    Post #12 explains the process and Post #38 summarizes the steps.
    2000 (as posted by someone else in that thread) was the magic number for me
    Note: You must have preware and internalz pro installed to do this
    Note2: This still doesn't fix everything else that's wrong with the PDF reader (eg. no search function, no simple "go to" function, etc., but it makes pdf docs much more legible when zoomed
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    use google docs to view pdfs?
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