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    I Googled and Googled and I can't find an answer to the question. I made a mistake on my new TouchPad so I had to run WebDoctor.

    Everything is OK but do I have to reinstall anything like Muffle Logging and all the beginner things?

    I was OverClocking to 1.7 and somehow my first attempt went wrong somewhere - but I'm good to go now and I'm up and running. I just don't want to reinstall everything 2X if I don't need to. I'm kind of cross-eyed at this point.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Never mind. The answer is YES.

    I guess I should have just started the thread off 5 free TouchPads.
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    Huh. I know where some of those bricked TouchPads could come from now.

    I shut my TouchPad down and put in the Touchstone to charge and started washing dishes and I heard it start up. I turned it off again and I went and looked and sure enough it was on. I turned it off again and rinse and repeat 2 more times. The 3rd time I caught the 15C Eagle software running - huh? It was in the (for the lack of a better description) DOS mode. After that, I could not get my TouchPad to shut down at all. So I had to run the WebDoctor again (!!) and remove the 1.7

    If I had not of heard it, it would have endlessly rebooted over and over? The battery was draining rapidly. I don't know if it was because of the Touchstone or not. I had it in the Touchstone last night with no problems before Overclocking.

    1.7 is no longer an option for me at this point in time. Or at least F15C Eagle.
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    You do know that if the TP is turned off(not just screen off) and you put in on a charger it is supposed to turn back on. Same thing happens with the usb charger too.

    Palm phones act the same way.
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