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    Ignore my PM arachnoman666. I see my question was already answered and the search continues... Congratulations to you though!
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    Will someone tell me what is going on?

    Based on arachnoman666's original posting, I went to eBay and there are at least a DOZEN "white elephants" for sale, all with prices of $500 or more. Where are they coming from?

    wilburjoe said his came directly from HP, in an HP box with an HP return address. Is HP selling the 64s directly through eBay? Or is a rogue employee pocketing some extra change?

    Either way, this is further proof that our buddy Leo Apotheker is full of &#$@. There is a strong unsatisfied demand for TouchPads, and HP is simply abandoning the market. Talk about a market opportunity!! If anyone at HP has any gumption at all, they should stand up to Leo and tell him what a stupid mistake he is making. Leo's ill-considered plot to turn HP into an enterprise software company has already cost stockholders 2/3 of their equity.

    Forget "Save the Whales." I say "Save the White Elephants." Power to the people. Right on. Peace out.
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    I got it on ebay for less than $500, i actually got it for $400...a bit more than i wanted to pay but considering i sold my 32gb, and fell into some disposable income, i went for it.
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