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    I have seen several threads/postings on the net that ask this question from the storage perspective, which isn't that hard to figure out. But if you are trying to make sure that 6 months from now you can run Ubuntu or Android if WebOS gets "put down", is there any advantage of having the 32gb one? (i.e. after 15 minutes of searching I cannot determine if the WebOS or any other OS lives in this memory or if it lives elsewhere)
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    Android works fine on devices with ~1GB internal storage, so it really depends on what you are going to put on there.

    My 16G TP has 12.8GB free, I have a handful of apps installed and preware.

    People generally only really want 32GB so they can load it with music/videos. If you're browsing the web then 16G is fine.
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    If you're thinking about being able to dual boot, then more is better....and really, it's only another $50. I've no regrets with getting the larger, but have read other posts saying they wished they got a 32 instead of a 16.

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