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    This is the very last straw for me. I got a firesale TouchPad (and Best Buy's senior managers played a big role in helping me out after a mess-up on their end -- kudos to them for their assistance after a huge fiasco that wasn't their fault in the first place).

    Then last week, my Pre on Sprint died. Got a replacement two days ago, making that my sixth or seventh Pre, BTW - nice hardware quality, Palm.

    Logged in to my account, which the phone recognized. However, none of my apps would restore. And while I can get my email on it if I check manually, I'm not getting new-mail notifications all of the time.

    After much searching for two days and a lengthy tech chat with HP, I discover I'm not the only one this is happening to. Not sure if this applies to Pre 2/Veer/Pre 3 users, but those of us on WebOS 1.4.5 are pretty much hosed if we have to get a new device AFTER activating a TouchPad with the same Palm Profile. Because even though our apps -- EVEN THE PAID ONES -- have ported to the TouchPad, you CANNOT get them to restore on a replacement Pre-.

    Yup, you read that correctly. The TouchPad WebOS 3.0.2 profile apparently becomes the primary one, and there is no way to get back the apps I've been using for two years unless I re-download them all manually, including the ones I already paid for.

    And by the way, THIS new Pre was faulty out of the box, too -- no sound from the speaker. And yes, I've tried all the tricks of cleaning the contacts in the jack. It's a bad refurb.

    On my way to the Sprint store to see if they'll let me trade in this piece of junk for a refurb old Android device or something else that actually works -- anything to tide me over till the iPhone or new Windows Phone devices come out on Sprint this fall.

    I'll continue to use and semi-enjoy the TouchPad. I'll be wistful about how great the idea behind the GUI is -- and how half-baked the execution was. I'll continue to have to hit stop and reload to get about 40% of all web pages to display. I'll play Angry Birds with the occasional stutter. I'll keep on loving the Touchstone, and will be annoyed every time I have to plug my iPhone in or -- shudder -- launch iTunes to update it.

    Sad that Palm and HP dropped the ball so badly. Betamaxed again.

    An HP forums topic reiterating this problem:

    Apps not restoring - Support Community
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    whoa - this is good information to have...thanks for sharing this. I have a pre- but it was replaced a few months ago (one before that last 1.5 yrs) so hopefully this one has some longevity too. I doubt my carrier will have any stock to replace this with anyhow if it does kick the bucket. Might be Android time for me if that happens. Thanks again.
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    Why not get 2.1 on your Pre-, if I'm reading you right, that should solve your problems. I'd suggest finding a Pre2 and swapping the comm board also, but I'm assuming that's probably out of your budget right now.

    I know I did a lot of backing up when I meta-doctored my Pre- to 2.1, but it went smoothly and I didn't have any problems. Check out the wiki on it at webOS-internals.
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    I just did a doctor the other day and noticed the same thing. However, my upkeep of apps is not the greatest, and actually didn't mind not having to wait 3-4 hours for it to sync and download 80% of the apps I don't use. For me to go back and redownload 10-20 apps isn't the end of the world.
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    Sorry, but I have no interest in throwing any more money at the dead-end that is WebOS. It had great potential, but it's been way too much frustration at pretty much every bad decision Palm and HP made. At this point, I see no way anyone can resurrect it meaningfully and competitively. I'm finally willing to make the concessions to the inferior GUIs of the other mobile platforms in exchange for developer and manufacturer support. I've spent two years with promises that my phone (and then my tablet) would work as advertised "soon."

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