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    Because the Google home page has options for your search; news, images, shopping, etc. It gives you more flexibility.
    Fair enough. You must be doing a lot of searching if you need the google page first, everytime you open the browser. Otherwise simply typing 'google' in 'Just Type' would take you to the google page too.
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    It takes a couple of unnecessary steps out of the way. You can either type Google in the search box, scroll down the list to find it(Google search is actually the 4th thing on my list), choose it and wait for it to load up, then select the type of search you need, ie shopping, news, images etc, or just hit the browser button and let it load. Doing this does nothing to the stock search bar. You can still run a search just the way you always could. You don't have to have it open to Google, you could choose any website to be your homepage. If you don't think it's a good idea, what are the advantages to not changing the browser page? Is there any benefit to keeping it stock?
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