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    Quote Originally Posted by rhayes View Post
    somline, great point, thank you! It hadn't occurred to me to compare those numbers.

    Yes, on the Battery Health screen the percentage dropped from 100% to 95% and the Calculated Left value dropped to 6281. I believe it was 6612 before, the same as the Manufacturers Rating, possibly higher.

    The behavior of the system has definitely changed since that one event.

    I welcome any questions you may have. Thank you again.
    Are you sure?
    6281mAh calculated left and 95% are the "normal" values for a lot of touchpads.
    I can't see a problem with your battery readings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    Are you sure?
    6281mAh calculated left and 95% are the "normal" values for a lot of touchpads.
    I can't see a problem with your battery readings.
    Yes, I'm sure. I understand that the values are in line what is considered the normal range, but prior to the complete discharge the numbers displayed in Dr Battery were different and performance of the device was very different.

    I have been browsing the web for approximately an hour and the battery has gone from 100% down to 88%.

    Perhaps the reporting has just changed and I was experiencing false readings all along.
    There may have been a precipitous drop further down the capacity cycle that I never experienced because I never discharged the battery that much before.

    I think the next thing I should do is run the device for a few days and see if there is a substantial degradation in performance in fact.

    I'll post my results here in a few days to a week.

    As an aside, are you aware of any battery calibration file in webOS as in Android, that may have been written for the first time, or rewritten as a result of the full discharge.

    Sadly, I have has my logging set to 'Minimal' all along --

    Thanks again.
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    I don't say nothing has changed for you. But I can't see a problem in the battery readings.
    There is no calibration file that I know of. All values are stored and calculated in the battery chip.
    You can try to recalibrate the battery as I posted here. Don't know if it will work.
    Completely discharge until shutdown. Then make sure to charge uninterrupted until charging stops (current gets negative).
    Good luck
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    For me the battery life on my TP is great I can go a couple of days with moderate use no problem. But it is nothing compared to my ipad2. If they are playing videos they will be pretty close but where is see a HUGE difference is standby and internet usage. I use my ipad2 every night to stream pandora for 5 hours after 3 nights of this and no charging im at 65% battery life. If I just leave my TP off for 3 days it will be about the same. Webos has so much going on all the time it drains batteries on all devices. I have them all; pre, pre+, pre2, now pre3. no veer going from my pre3 to the pre2 is bad enough. So while the battery is good on the TP it is nothing compared to the ipad2's.

    I have really been wanting to do a side by side timelapse with both just streaming pandora then both playing the same video. or something to that affect
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