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    The Touchpad is surprisingly close to being a complete replacement for my laptop. Installing the homebrew apps from webOS internals, Xecutah and UbuntuChroot, I was able to configure a fully functional desktop environment.

    The Ubuntu 11.04 ARM repository is quite extensive. I have a full office suite in libreoffice. Video and audio playback with VLC. Was able to connect to my local network media shares via nautilus. I can remote into my PC and MAC; ssh, vnc, and rdp all working. Use a Bluetooth keyboard. Use Xournal and a stylus to make handwritten notes. Chat using many protocols missing from synergy via Pidgin. Heck, I even have GIS and statistics applications.

    I am running out of typical desktop tasks that the Touchpad cannot perform. My current to do list has become pretty small:

    1) get a Bluetooth mouse working. My mouse will pair with the touchpad but remains unusable.

    2) add a battery charge indicator to my gnome panel

    3) use some funky qemu/wine mashup to play the windows version of minesweeper :-]
    ARM - The Official Wine Wiki

    4) netflix ;-)

    Thank you to all for the great information and hard work that made this possible:

    Setup UbuntuChroot

    Quickly configure Ubuntu

    and the best part, all this is contained within a webOS card. No dual boot required.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    But I'm having hard time believing that HP touchpad can perform so well using ubuntu.

    I found Touchpad to lacks some of key apps for tablets, such as a viable note taking/office and a better pdf viewer. In theory all of this can be resolved running ubuntu on Touchpad. However, when I checked on youtube, Touchpad is hardly usable with virtual keyboard. It requires bluetooth keyboard. Also, things seem to lag a bit.

    I am wondering if running ubuntu is smooth enough? I checked the tutorials for installing ubuntu on Touchpad but it seems tedious process.
    I am willing to spend time on installing if the result is as good as you claim.
    But I am doubtful that Touchpad will perform so well on ubuntu, which is not optimized for touchscreen devices..
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    I haven't touched my netbook ever since I got this. I don't know about you guys, but I've been able to type a couple pages already with no problem. Writing anything longer may be too tedious. Just need a few things like printing on non hp printer, better functional office suite, better PDF reader, fully functional lastpass , netflix and I'm all set.
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    I'm with you guys on this one. Okay, the TP (or any tablet I've used for that matter) doesn't compare with outright performance of a typical notebook or laptop, which themselves have gone a long way to displace the typical desktop.

    I've done a bit of photography in my time. So maybe we could compare the notebook / tablet thing to the camera world of DSLR / point and shoot comparisons. In the early days, the SLR cameras were the 'power user's' choice, and the little snapshot camera for the rest of us. Their digital equivalents followed. While the point and shoot would not hope to compare against the flexibility and power of their DSLR cousins, it didn't mean they weren't popular or successful. Quite the opposite namely due to cost, portability and ease of use. And today, feature wise the top end point & shoots are rivalling the DSLRs. And DSLRs are trying to match the features of the modern point & shoot. Anyway, I kind of see the Notebook / tablet thing in the same light.

    another lesson from the photography world is the best camera is the one that you have on you at the time. Tablets are generally more portable than their notebook counterparts, unless you're prepared to shell out twice the $ for ultra notebooks like the MacBook Air.

    ps I seem to be using my TP waaaay more than my notebook. Horses for courses, comes down to what you use it for. It still can't do everything I need a computer to do for me yet, and maybe I wouldn't want it to anyway.
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    After 2-3 weeks of using this touchpad, I'm about to reformat my netbook and set it up as my home webserver.
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    barely use my laptop (unless to watch hulu/netflix in the bedroom connected to my TV, or download torrents)

    I use this for all my surfing needs. Love this friggen thing
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    For me, the most vital feature the TP lacks is the ability to interface with card readers and external HDD's. Let us hope someone figure this out soon. Otherwise, I will have to bring a netbook along for my next trip.
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    Used the Touchpad a lot for the first couple of weeks but I do more creation than consumption so I'm back to using my desktop pretty much all the time and the Touchpad simply as a comics reader.

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