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    if you can afford a ferrari would you buy a camry?
    Why yes, I would...for sure a more affordable luxury sedan. BTW most Ferrari offer you sex appeal & speed, but lack in basic functional features. So, in literal response to your analogy:

    1. Yes, I drive a Camry.
    2. I value the common useful conveniences of a sedan.
    3. As someone who works hard and makes a good living, I assure you I get more pleasure in making & growing my wealth vs. showing off what I've got. I assure you, many of us driving Camry's can afford much more.

    Actually, now that I read it all, your analogy plus my comments paint the perfect picture of the fundamental view of Apple vs. everything else. I'll take my TouchPad thank you.
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    my wife has a ipad2, and well it sucks compared to webos... Alerts are just one thing, multi tasking is one thing more... The webos touchpad email app is so much better than ios... The only thing natively that ios has over is the webbrowser speed. Apps are another thing, but really the apps in webos are growing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nychotxxx View Post
    if you can afford a ferrari would you buy a camry?
    my house is paid, my car is paid, i can afford easily a 150k 458 Italia...but i drive a hyundai sonata, why? because its fit my need and i can drive it everywhere i want and it doesnt cost me the premium price(insurance, gaz, other fees) of an ferrari.

    so, yes i would buy a normal car.
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    We know that Apple is going to stick to it's same old, same old. They've released 4 iPhones, plus iPod Touches, and iPads- and they're all the same.

    I thought Apple was for the peacekeepers, the casual. But yet it's taking on the more conservative traits of Microsoft.

    The Touchpad on the other hand is a monster- it can become anything at anytime. It has all power.
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