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    For some reason I was having issues connecting to the internet while I was out. So I start digging around , and I have found that the content of the "/etc/resolv.conf" was not modified by the wireless app, so basically the name server in the resolv.conf was the name server I have at home. I get the connections but the tablet cannot connect to the internet. In one occasion I was able to connect to couple sites by providing the ip adress which made me suspicious.

    I have installed bunch of patches and I am wondering if someone can think of any patch that might have modified anything that deals with "resolv.conf"

    It is also possible that the public wifi points were not able deliver the dns name servers thus the file was never has changed. I cannot be sure. I just wanted to check this out before digging more.
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    Everytime I look at my /etc/resolv.conf when the wifi stops working, it contains (localhost) I modified it and put 2 nameservers in there and then it started working again. Does yours contain

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