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    The problem must be tied to the flash. When I access it from my 1.4.5 Pre+ it looks the same as from the TP. Browser tests come back showing the TP has Flash 10, Android has Flash 2M, and Pre+ has no Flash. The rest of the parameters across the 3, as far as browser tests go, are the same. All of this is correct. It definitely seems to be a flash error.

    Any advice? My main PC is down at the moment (needs soldering), so I don't know what to look at next.

    Are people having other Flash problems?

    PS- goke313, have you looked at the Blackboard app. Those people might be of more help to you. I know there are at least a couple of threads about it.
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    my school used to use ecollege which I couldn't run at work. They recently switched to blackboard which seems to work everywhere.
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    What I don't understand is why does ecollege work on my Pre2 and not on my TP. Its not a big deal to me as I use splashtop often but still an annoyance.
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    The 3.0.4 update makes it even worse.
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