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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohmytvc15 View Post
    Getting tired of these moments when the screen just locks up for 5 seconds or so. Seriously who would put out an OS that does this?
    As a Linux desktop user since 1997 or so I've learned to put up with quite a bit when it comes to using platforms I want to use

    Not that Linux by itself has that exact quirk but it has had many more usability issues which prevented people from even getting to the point where they could see minor issues like that (by comparison - e.g. say your video card is not supported and when you install all you get is a black screen). Given enough time and resources (e.g. Ubuntu and the like these days) a lot of them can be resolved unfortunately WebOS hasn't been given that chance (2 years is not enough time, especially given the constraints that Palm had before being acquired from a financial standpoint)
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    I get the freezes and lags too. I really think it with all the tweaking and patching and ocing. I am seriously thinking about doing a hard factory reset and starting from scratch with no mods or tweaks.
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    few things to check if you have the following apps: govnah and save/restore

    make sure govnah doesnt have auto garbage collect on....i had an issue w/ this, took me a bit to figure out

    also check to see if save/restore has auto save/backup on.....i dont think i've experienced anything w/ this one, but doesnt hurt to eliminated all possibilities

    cant think of any other programs that do these types "intensive" background operations that i have at the moment.
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    I had this happen BUT only after I set my mail to show ALL mail... Once I set it back to keep 3 days of mail the freezing problem went away. Was the worse 30 mins I had with my TP so far

    Hope this helps!
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    I used to have this problem too. Overclocked Uberkernal 1.5, all recommended patches, etc. Somehting happened recently that it stopped freezing. Updated Muffle patch maybe? Not sure.
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