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    Two Touchpads can be placed under one WebOS account. The steps are what I did for a US Touchpad.

    Touchpad 1 - mine
    Touchpad 2 - wife's

    Logged into wife's WebOs account using this link:

    After logging into the account I clicked on device options. Under device options I unregistered the Touchpad.

    As soon as I did that, the Touchpad gave me a notice that it needed to be restarted. Once it restarted (took a while), the device was like "new". I needed to select language and location. When prompted to login or create a WebOs account, I logged into the Touchpad 2 with my account info and it asked if I wanted to sync and name the device.

    After it was done, my paid apps were loaded onto Touchpad 2.

    If you are wondering what happens if you pay for an app on Touchpad 1 and go to the store with Touchpad 2...? Touchpad 2 will show the app as free.

    Hopefully this clears up this issue.

    thanks for the info as my 2'nd TP will be arriving in a few days :-)
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    Just confirming that this works. I use 2 TP's on the same account. 1 TP, I use, and another is mainly for the kids. Both have some overlapping apps but some different and are geared towards kids on the second.
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    @ marquezr22

    he that's the exact same reason why I ended up getting another TP for kids were always on it messing up all my settings LOL
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    AmigaOS lives !
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