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    I managed to pick-up a firesale Touchpad and I have been very happy with it so far. Both my wife and I have found a lot of good uses for it, but there is one thing that drives us nuts. When trying to scroll up or down in the web browser, the entire browser will wobble left or right. This is best described here: AnandTech - The HP TouchPad Review: webOS on the Big Screen

    "Scroll beyond the top or bottom of a web page and you'll meet a grey background, similar to what happens on iOS. The same applies for left/right scrolling, again similar to iOS. The problem here is the webOS browser is more sensitive to scrolling beyond left/right boundaries so unless you're very careful to scroll in a straight line you can actually have a more jittery scroll down a web page."

    Is there any way to fix this? It can be a bit jarring when trying to read pages and the screen is bouncing all over the place.
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    I'd like to find a fix for this too. It gets really annoying when reading a long page such as a forum with the page sliding left and right.
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    I think HP considers that a "feature" not a "bug"
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    I find this annoying as well. On an iOS device, this can be remedied by scrolling at the edge of the screen. Unfortunately, it's not the same for the TouchPad. I can understand their reasoning, which I assume is to give the user feedback for every touch, but it could be better implemented
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    Everything about the TouchPad browser is sub-standard in comparison to the iPad or even a Gingerbread browser. There is literally not one single thing it does better than the competition.

    Go play with a grown-up tablet and see how much more intuitive scrolling is, and how much smarter the software is at recognizing where you want to tap. It's comical how hard it is to hit a graphical target on the TouchPad browser (or really, anywhere in the interface -- you try telling the messaging app that you're available on the first try. I've never hit it correctly on the first try.)

    This kind of fumble is exactly why the TouchPad demoed so poorly in stores, and why nobody even cared to learn its strengths.
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    Seems like something that should be patch-able in the built in browser. Disable left/right detection for scrolling a web page, It's kind of a duh and I can't believe it is like this.

    It's just stupid design because when I browse to a webpage it defaults the zoom to fill the width of the screen, so there's no reason I'd be dragging left or right, it's only to scroll. And it seems the browser knows this too because if I drag left or right and release it snaps the web page back to the correct position.

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