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    Did a search and a little looking, and didn't see this come up anywhere else; for some reason, I cannot swipe from one day or month to the next in my calendar app all of a sudden. I can tap to a specific day on month view, or switch between day/week/month view no problem, and scrolling through appointments in a single day view is also fine. I can use 'Jump To..." and add and delete appointments, but I cannot swipe to change the day or month. Anyone else having this problem?

    *edit: Oh, and swipe up does work to minimize the card.
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    I don't know why you can't swipe from one day or month to the next. It works for me as long as I start close to the edge of the screen and swipe across the entire width of the touchpad from left to right or from right to left. Have you rebooted?

    As for the up swipe not working, make sure that 'enable gestures' is set to 'on' in the screen and lock app.
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