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    Hi there!

    I didn't found anything regardging this in here and thought you might want to know it too. So you have the option to use OpenSSH on your device by installing it via Preware. There is also a Terminal-like app you can use. But if you try to connect to the TP via SSH from your computer you will find out sooner than later that no certificate is working and the key gets refused anytime!

    I solved this yesterday (which wasn't really tricky at all) and wanted to let you know this too!

    (I guess you have already installed Xecutah, XTerm, XServer, OpenSSH, OpenSSH-SFTP. If not, search for the correct feed for Xecutah on google, add it to your Preware Repo and install it.)

    Now you will experience some trouble when connecting with/without an (even correct) private keyfile. It won't let you in!

    Just do the following steps and you're good to go!

    - Copy the sshd_config located in /opt/etc/openssh/ to your media folder which you can access via USB connection. Edit it with your preferred Texteditor on your computer and change the values you like to.
    (I've included my sshd_config as attachment)

    - cd /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/mobi.optware.openssh/opt/etc/openssh
    - mv sshd_conf sshd_conf.bak
    - Copy the file you just edited or downloaded to this dir.
    - killall sshd
    - /opt/sbin/sshd
    - su
    - passwd -> enter new password for "root".

    There you go! Should work now. Maybe you need to restart your device.

    Hope someone finds this useful and doens't run into that problems I had at first

    Regards from germany
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    Moin Moin!

    Diese instructions sind richtig gut für wenn man erstmal eine SSH Verbindung etabliert hat.

    What about if you want to set up an SSH connection to your Touchpad so you can transfer files wirelessly... What's the process to start?

    I'm trying to follow the instructions by webOS internals, but I'm basically stuck on getting any sort of terminal running on the Touchpad.

    I've already installed preware, and am on the verge of installing OpenSSH, but I don't want to continue until I have some idea of what I'm doing.

    Grüße aus Texas,
    -Fried Chicken
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    I get line 86 unsupported action usepam
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    me too, unsupported option UsePAM,

    anyone help?

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