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    I keep reading/hearing about many TouchPad owners getting cracks near the speakers and/or by the glass on their TouchPad. I'm expecting my TouchPad to arrive tomorrow, and I'm curious; how many of you that bought a TP during the firesale have cracks in your TouchPad already?

    If you do, can you comment about weather or not you use a case/sleeve for your TouchPad as well. I'm curios to see if the cracking issue is a huge problem, or if it's exaggerated.

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    Small crack in Firesale UK TP (so device is a little newer). Has been in a third party case for the duration of its (short) life. Have arranged a "repair" with HP as I didn't want it getting any worse - although I am concerned about some of the horror stories on here about refurbs.
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    I've had my TP for a week, have only been using it at home, and been quite careful handling it.
    My TP has the (common?) crack in the casing from speaker to screen, but I won't do anything about it - yet - since I don't see it as a major structural fault.
    The unit seems rigid enough and I don't see the screen falling out because of this crack.
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    couple weeks now. No cracks here
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    Nothing to report here. So few apps means I never use it. Once there's some good apps, I promise I'll crack my speakers too.
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    i've had it for 2 weeks or so now, and I've been keeping it in an aftermarket case probably since day 2 and i've been checking it every day for cracks and today there was one. The case i use has more padding than the HP case. this sucks
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    My vote is for 8 TPs (only 1 counted), no cracks so far.
    3 using the HP case
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    I got my (HP) case and touchpad at the same time so it has only been out of a case for about 60 seconds of it's life ;-)

    having said that there are no cracks in mine and I carry it around pretty much everywhere with me.
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    I'm a Launchday owner, with no cracks last time I checked a week ago. I used it for 6 weeks heavily (but carefully) with no case, and then broke down and bought the case and touchstone. 10 weeks and all is good.
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    Had mine since the cracks so far. Hopefully mine stays that way.
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    Mine has a scratch on the back. Its been there since i got it.
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    No cracks on 5 TouchPads bought on the 20th.
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    No cracks and I'm an early adopter.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Bought mine 8-20 from Walmart, noticed cracks sometime last week. Called HP and got an ADP warranty. I bought a Targus sleeve the same day and kept it in that until my fiance's TP arrived from HP. He was more interested in taking his out of the house, so mine was relegated to loaf on a towel on a desk, and he kept his in the Targus sleeve.

    Eventually the HP sleeve arrived, and I keep mine in that. I noticed the cracks after I'd started using the HP sleeve, but I think I'd taken it out of the house once.

    Last I checked, he had no cracks. I don't know if he's going to get any, he's got a techskin on his TP. I put one on mine too (and got a big ol' handprint on the back, bah), so here's hoping my cracks don't get worse.

    So I checked again, just out of curiosity... he's got cracks too. Even w/ the techskin. Ah well, I'll tell him to call for his warranty.
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    Just sent one back to HP to be fixed. The speaker with a crack also started having light bleed through the screen at that same speaker area and there was a little flex in the screen there when pressed.

    The other touchpad I purchaser at the same time has been in a case, thus it hasn't really been held in that area and therefore hasn't had an issue.

    I just hope they fixed the issue!

    fyi I think it was around a month when I noticed the cracks--only because of a forum I read. I had a skin over it so I didn't notice thus it may have developed the crack very early on.
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    I'm glad to see most people don't have any cracks. It seems like for the people that do have cracks, it was inevitable, as putting it in a case didn't even prevent it.

    I hope I get a good unit. I ordered a bundle through QVC, so the second I get it, I will be putting it in the case, hopefully I don't get any cracks.

    Thanks for the all feedback, keep it coming.
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    my crack is very small by the right speaker. To be honest if I hadn,t read about the cracks on this forum I would have never noticed it. I'm not worried about it but if it gets worse I will contact hp.
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    dont have any cracks as far i can see. it has been in the hp case since i got it.
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    I have 3 cracks; one on each speaker, and one on the backside leading from the micro-usb... the speaker cracks occurred in my bag in a case; the backside crack happened without it leaving my room :/

    I'll contact hp soon.
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    Pics of these cracks by the speaker so I know what to look for.

    sent from my thunderbolt
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