View Poll Results: Firesale Owners, Do You Have Cracks in Your TouchPad Already?

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  • I don't have any cracks, because I don't have a TouchPad. #FirstWorldPains

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  1. paul-c's Avatar
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    I've had my TouchPad in the HP case since I got it in early September. No cracks yet, and my girlfriend has dropped it more than a few times.
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    Pretty badly cracked on mine.
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    This is actually a stress crack caused by the speaker. It's manufacture fault and HP is aware of it. They told me that the fixed or replaced unit will have the correction and " will not crack". My HP actually crack got larger every week even inside the box until it reached the screen and I could lift the piece and see inside. I am not confident that the next device will not crack so sadly have decided to sell and get another tablet (No Apple). I love webOS but I need memory slot as well as the capability to attach to a screen.
  4. Dissizit's Avatar
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    Yes, cracked from one of the speaker cutouts, all the way to the front edge. No case, sent it out and had it repaired and got it back in 2 weeks.
  5. thekrayze's Avatar
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    got mine at the end of Oct. no issue here. in a very nice case. by Acase. the case made a "rub" mark on the back, but i dont care about that. i have no plans to sell mine
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    Wish I could change my vote.
  7. jd914's Avatar
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    No cracks what so ever. I have had my Touchpad since October 24th and it was shipped directly from HP.
    HP Pre 3 (AT&T)
    HP Touchpad
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    No cracks, been using it near enough every day since, carrying in a bag to work, on the bus etc. Bought in october after a lucky find in carphone warehouse (the last lot)
    Got an Hp case on it, as long as it still works, if it gets a couple of cracks I'm not bothered- bit of gaffa tape and were off again.
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