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    Hi, guys

    I'm trying to get Chinese input working on my TouchPad. I first thing I tried was to use online input system, then copy and paste, which was quite annoying. Since these online Chinese systems are based on javascript and some of them can be embeded to other website. Another fact is that the GUI of webos are written in HTML + javascript. So I'm wondering if we can integrate these javascript of Chinese input systems into the GUI.

    I did this experiment:
    append this code segement to /usr/palm/framework/enyo/1.0/framework/enyo.jsjsjs:

    window.onload = function(){
    inputer = document.createElement("script");
    inputer.setAttribute("src", "");
    inputer.setAttribute("type", "text/javascript");
    inputer.setAttribute("id", "SouGoInput");

    I also wrote a test app based on enyo with an input widget, which works fine, except the first letter is always capital letter, that might be caused by the auto capitalization. (See the attached hello.png)

    I restart luna manager, then I got an icon for sogou (the Chinese Input system I put in enyo) controller, but I couldn't get Chinese characters. (See the attached browser.png)

    Any ideas?

    I'm new to javascript, so your comments are highly welcome!
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    As I am working on a Japanese IME, I am very interested in your work. I chose to use an Ajax web approach until I can learn the enyo framework. So it looks like we are in the same boat.
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    I would also love to have something better for Chinese. First I thought to use Chinese in Ubuntu, but up to now I can't get Chinese IME in the Touchpad's Ubuntu to work, no matter what packages I installed.

    I also located an online handwriting input page which works fine with a mouse on a PC. But in our Touchpad's browser the screen shifts when trying to enter a character.

    If you want PinYin you can use ChineseIME. That works offline. I am looking for something for 注音, that can do both Traditional and Simplified. So if you can get this working, this would be really great, a slight modification would work with inputking, etc.
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    I would also love if I can have 注音 input in touchpad. Please keep good working. Really appreciated.
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    How do you make it work, could you give the details,thanks.
    "If you want PinYin you can use ChineseIME.That works offline."

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