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    Help please !

    Running the webos doctor in text mode I see that at the 4% it says "waiting for device to come back" and does not see it. The TP keeps rebooting.

    Unplugging and plugging back the USB cable does not help.
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    Turn off the device and turn it back on while holding the up volume key to get into bootie mode.
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    I tried that. It will go back into buttie mode, then the webdoctor goes back to 1%, loads the ramdisk and reboots, never sees it coming back.

    If I keep forcing it into bootie node the third time zee doktor says "the device isn't running the ramdisk as expected" and fails.

    A shame.
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    post a full error log report in the webOS Internals forum.
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    I did, no one responded

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