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    So this method was mentioned in passing in another thread with someone wishing that the old facebook chat patch worked with the stock messaging app. So I got tired of waiting and tried out wIRC, and bitlbee.


    Bitlbee how to add facebook
    HowtoFacebook - BitlBee Wiki

    So to get facebook chat working

    1. Get wIRC (Its 5$ well spent)

    2. Go to the bitlbee homepage and pick a public server
    BitlBee - Public servers
    3. Add the server of choice in wIRC (its pretty simple, hit the little plus button, input the relevant information)

    4. go into the preferences for the server, go to the advanced bit, in the perform on connect section type /join &bitlbee. (the guide on the bitlbee wiki leaves out the fact that one needs to join this channel to type in the relevant commands). If you dont want to join that channel automatically every time you login to your server just type /join &bitlbee in the first window that comes up.

    5. type 'account add jabber ''yourpassword'' ' (omit the quotes around your password, and use the username that you set through your preferences in facebook)

    6. After the response from the server type 'account facebook set nick_source full_name'

    7. Wait for the response the type 'account on'

    From there the server should list all of your currently logged on friends. The wiki lists some methods to change the formatting of the names, but I didnt bother because I like seeing the last names.

    The only problem I've been having is that, even though the account information is supposed to be persistent on the server (yes I know you have to have faith that your facebook information is stored on a irc server), my account info hasnt been saved by the NY public server. Anyone who tries this and gets something different please chime in.

    Hope this helps someone!

    P.S. I also used this site for reference
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    Is that different from the wIRC client in Preware?
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    mmmm Im not sure. Not too worried about it, if it is though because the money goes to a homebrew developer.


    Just checked, and the version numbers are the same, that is, preware vs app catalog


    Yup its the same thing, O well. To everyone else, this can be done for free through preware, but I still say go buy in and keep homebrew developers motivated to put up with our demands for patches, apps, song requests, whatever


    Ok figured out why it wasnt saving my profiles and such, I had to register my nickname with the server.
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    I guess Im bumping out of vanity, but Im surprised more people arent chiming in on this

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