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    Hey All,

    I'm relatively new to the web0S system, but for those who remember the Dell Mini 9/Vostro A90 hackintosh, I've undertaken 'easier' ports in the past. Is it currently possible to sync an iPhone 4 with the TP (Outlook calendar, etc)? Some folks like CompanionLink for its near native sync capabilities, but haven't heard if any PreCentral posters have had any thoughts on the package. Any specific weaknesses or strengths associated with the software? Thanks for the help. Overall I've been pleased with webOS, but nothing's perfect...
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    There are many syncing solutions for WebOS. Alot of the solutions use Google as a middle layer.

    For Mac<->WebOS, you can directly sync calendar/music/contacts/pictures with The Missing Sync, though I have some issues with it, especially on the TP. An alternative is to get your Mac IOS calendar to sync with Google/GMail account, then add that account to your webos device.

    For the PC, you can also go via Google, or use a product like Companionlink.

    For both, you can use HPPlay Beta to sync music, though my experience has been poor.

    Frankly, I'd pay $100 or more to have Palm Desktop syncing again... PalmOS had great local syncing, WebOS has a great idea with Synergy cloud syncing, now they just need to combine them.
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