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    I installed preware and then F15 kernel. I then wanted to do a factory reset so I used the full reset option on the touchpad. I forgot that I still had the F15 kernel installed.

    Everything ****ed up and now when I try starting it up, it just keep repeating.

    "CPU1: Platform_cpu_die: normal wakeup"

    It would repeat it nonstop and I can't get anywhere. Webos Doctor won't even see the touchpad.

    I need help restoring it to factory state.

    *edit* nvm, it's fixed. I just had to wait a very very long time.
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    Just an FYI, should this happen again. I believe if you turn it on while holding the volume up button (might be the home and volume up buttons together), it should take you into a different mode (on my Pre the USB symbol would show up on the screen, guessing the TP is similar) where you can connect your TP to your computer and the Doctor should recognize it.
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