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    Watch Strongbad emails
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    Quote Originally Posted by antexity View Post
    I would like to create a list of functional things you can do with the TouchPad and provide hyperlinks to other threads/apps that can address that functionality. I keep on hearing from friends and colleagues that these tablets are useless and have limited functionality. I prove to differ. I want this thread to help other TP owners to make use of this beautiful device to the fullest. I will update this thread list on a daily basis and eventually turn this list into a functional app in the future. I'm sure we can come up with at least 250 uses for the touchpad. Any other ideas please let me know Thanks.

    The list I'll start with the basics (Updated List on Sep 14, Great Ideas and keep it up!)

    1. Browsing the net.
    2. Listening to music.
    3. Watching movies.
    4. Leave my laptop at work.
    5. Bathroom entertainment
    6. Checking recipes while cooking
    7. Playing Games
    8. View PDF Files
    9. Reviewing Draft Documents on the go.
    10. Reading Ebooks
    11. Reading Comics
    12. Airplane Use
    13. Using the device on Road Trips
    14. File Fireplace using an HD Fireplace Video
    15. Playing PVZ Web Flash Version
    16. Use it for streaming Pictures, Videos and Music
    17. Pandora
    18. Facebook
    19. Exhibition
    20. Bored? Use it to waste time.
    21. Quick google searches
    22. Document Editing
    23. Create Spreadsheets
    24. Create Documents
    25. Send and receiving Emails
    26. To decrease Phone Data usage
    27. Use the touchpad instead of a Phone
    28. Larger screensize than smart phones
    29. Homebrew
    30. Highly Customizable
    31. Your sidekick for repairing cars, using it to read technical instructions
    32. Flashlight
    33. Increase sperm count. ..I didn’t state that “Especially if you're male They've done studies & found that hot laptop on lap can damage sperm!” (govotsos) lol 
    34. High battery life.
    35. Alarm Clock
    36. Beside Computer
    37. Digital Photoframe.
    38. Frisbee
    39. Use it to post @ precentral
    40. Updating your wordpress site.
    41. Sync with online calendar between phone, google and touchpad
    42. Watch Youtube videos
    43. Save paper
    44. No longer print off sheets of lyrics, I just set my TouchPad on the music stand, find what I'm looking for, zoom to fill the screen and away I go.
    45. Handy for finding guitar tabs, and using in the same fashion ( #44)
    46. Torrenting on the go
    47. Streaming Google Music. (Who needs an app for that?)
    48. Portable (and practical) black/white/grease board for doing mini-lectures with clients out in the field (using my drawing app). Then ability to save it and send them in an e-mail. Priceless.
    49. Using Kindle to learn Java, xml, CSS, html, etc. etc. so I can eventually make apps to contribute to the homebrew community :-)
    50. Twitter
    51. Blogging!!
    52. Showing off!?
    53. Use it with minimum worry on websites possibly loaded with malwares that would otherwise be harmful if used on a PC.
    54. watching TED
    Can you (or anyone) please elaborate on number 46? Is there actually a way to download torrents on the Touchpad?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bable View Post
    Torrenting on the go
    How do you torrent on the go? I'd love a native torrent app.
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    You can't unless you install Ubuntu Chroot. You can however download 1 of 3 Torrent Controllers that allow you to control uTorrent on your desktop remotely. They are pretty decent.

    Just search Torrent in the App Catalog.
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    I have friends in Japan and use Translator HD & Spaz to Tweet in Japanese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebentwoods View Post
    Its perfect for watching the football games on TV while also tracking the fantasy league stats on Yahoo.
    Tracking Fantasy Football while watching a game on my 46" LED is the primary reason that I bought a Touchpad.
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    Other than my primary reason of keeping up to date on my Fantasy Football league,

    Reason #55 (I think...) To browse the web while at work, especially the places that are blocked by corporate firewalls. LOL.... No, it's not what you're thinking! It's places like that I'm talking about :-)

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    pretty cool list
    learn teach repeat
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    #56. Be told about the movie bad biology, watch it on your touchpad, before you realize you can't unwatch it until its too late.
    Dark Helmet: So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.''`-Space Balls

    What doesn't kill you now, is probably a cyborg sent from the future to protect you.

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    Lay in bed watching TV on the web.....
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    process CC payments? (hopefully!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by violence View Post
    you so cool bro
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