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    Unlike Apple that archives all Keynotes why has HP chosen to either remove or basically not publish the HP TP keynote. If you do a google search you can only find a bootleg copy of snippets of the keynote taken by random audience members using a phone.

    I recall watching the video within the first week which was roughly an hour long and included John Rubenstein and his team demonstrating the HP TP in all its glory. The video was accessible via the HP WebOS webpage. Now it is gone and nowhere to be found.

    Any theories on why HP has chosen this route versus what Apple and others readily do by making the Keynotes available on demand???
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    Maybe they're trying to act as if the whole thing never happened. I was looking for it too, and I thought it was odd. However there are interview videos available. And some of their responses made it seem as if you never know what they could be doing. There are two links to the videos in the link.

    What could HP be up to?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomsayersWereRight View Post
    Why would HP leave the keynotes up there when they don't have any basis in reality? That would be like saying "Here's what we said we were going to do but ended up not doing at all."
    Actually the Keynote is not far from reality (excluding the "end of life issue," but the features and benefits are close to what they presented in the keynote. I was just curious to once again view the video so I could see what made it in and what did not. Based on my recollection a lot made it into the final product.

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