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    Just wanted to share that since getting my TP that I ended up selling my Nook Color.

    I originally got the NC months ago because I wanted a cheap good tablet. It's an excellent device, but the TP ended up winning.

    After having them both around, and then finally getting android to work on my touch pro 2 phone (I don't want to upgrade to an expensive data plan, and this is a fix for the AD HOC wifi issue), I found I had no need for the Nook anymore. I've also saw recent threads on slickdeals about the NC for $150 shipped, so I figure it'll drop even more and I can buy it again in the future if I ever have a need for a large android phone - er, small tablet.

    The only thing I miss from android is the apps (soundhound, yelp, foursquare, a good PDF reader, New York subway/transit apps). However, even with the Amazon Free app of the Day, I found that 95% of the stuff I got for free I never used and got rid off. I mainly used my tablet for the web browser, flash, and pdf reader.

    A good web browser and large screen really negates the need for "apps".

    Nook Likes:
    Small size, fits in pocket.
    Great screen
    expandable storage, it would be nice to just pop in and out sd cards vs transferring via a flimsy microusb cable
    Google ecosystem, gmail, docs, maps,
    developer support - If you find it fun, you can flash nightly roms (if you're from the Windows Mobile days, you'll know what I mean)

    Nook dislikes:
    small screen, viewing large pdf kind of sucks sometimes.
    it was kind of sluggish sometimes, even when overclocked, flash would slow it down to a crawl.
    it's just an oversized android phone
    On screen keyboard kind of sucks.
    No camera, bluetooth doesn't really work (i never used this anyway, so no biggie)

    TP Likes:
    huge screen (much easier on the eyes for viewing full page pdf)
    better performance
    webOS, wow, it's a slick interface.
    on screen keyboard and autocorrect works pretty well
    flash works pretty well

    tp dislike:
    lack of aforementioned apps
    lack of google stuff

    Oh yeah, even with the Amazon Kindle app, I still don't use this thing to read books or magazine.
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    I'm trying to decide whether I will sell my NC now. I don't really *need* both, but it is nice to have a small tablet that can be held in one hand sometimes. Not sure if the "sometimes" justifies having two though.

    I would disagree that "A good web browser and large screen really negates the need for 'apps'." however. The lack of quality apps for the TP is a big pain.
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    I got rid of my nc but I do miss it. I wanted to sell it while it still has some value.
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    Actually I prefer a smaller 7 in tablet. I find the tp too heavy and bulky. My next tab will be 7 in.
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    I want to sell my NC too, but there's no Nook app for the TouchPad.
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    The NC fits in your pocket? O.o

    The nc cannot be called a tablet, its a color reader and that's it. Its integration w B&N is great however, and TPads reader support is fairly poor.

    Thank goodness I have the awesome Nook Touch so TPad ereading isn't a big concern for me.

    I think you made a good choice.
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    Wife's NC landed in second place after getting her TP a few weeks ago and she still uses it for Overdrive and online class (that doesn't work on TP...probably needing Java support).

    Most interesting...she'll probably keep both and use the NC for remote portable and TP for home when transport is no big deal. Can't be beat the deal on the TP and maybe one day Android will get their software right and make the NC more usable again. Sorli...
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    Now if I can find a TP for my Dad. He asked me recently about the Kindle, Nook, etc.
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    yup, the nook fits the side pockets of my cargo pants/shorts.

    a rooted nook with full access to the android marketplace and amazon app store actually makes a very capable tablet. install kindle, nook apps and you're good to go. it can do anything a gingerbread device can do except camera, gps, or bluetooth.

    now I either need to get new pants with even bigger pockets or find a man purse...

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