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    It's possible to get the touchpad to play WMA in the media player perfectly.

    But it's a bit involved and not a great solution.

    Basically, from Debian lenny's arm port I took all the libraries and gstreamer plugins neccessary.

    1) this involved replacing some of the plugins built into the touchpad (namely ffmpeg, as hp doesn't compile in it's wma support) and the asfmux plugin (in the ugly plugins). It's also required replacing the typefinder plugin (from base plugins), as hp edited it to ignore any file type they dont want to support.

    2) it also required adding a bunch of libraries from debian lenny as well so that the ffmpeg plugin would be able to link

    (maybe others)

    at this point, I was able to play wma (not well) with gst-launch, but it didn't appear in media player (nor if I renamed it to .mp3)

    3) based on a comment in #gstreamer I appened an id3 tag in linux to the .wma file and (renamed to .mp3)

    at this point it appears in the media player (and works with the streaming one as well, i.e. when launched from internalz) and play perfectly.
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    hmm, it might not be perfect, on my 192kbps wma that I'm playing right now detecting a bit of popping in and out, enough for it to be annoying to me, it works, but not great. It's not a CPU issue, as there seems to be plenty of CPU according to top. as not a gstreamer expert, maybe have taken this as far as I can.
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    for me, i use Prism video converter.. been using for years, and never failed me.
    one of the better free video format converters:

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    Or you could just play them using AudiophileHD....
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    yes, but I think it be nicer to use the built in applications if possible, with that said, it might not be. Mostly doing this for fun.
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    I decided to add some music to my touchpad and some has mp3 files and some with wma files. Touchpad plays mp3 files great only problem is that it won't show wma files. Is there a way I can get it to play wma and show the file as well? or i have to redo my music. thanx

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