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    I'm now caught in this endless reboot. I've had it reboot on me before (just Luna I guess) when I had a lot of cards open... This time all I was trying to open was my photos. Prior to opening photos I was caught in an endless page refresh of precentral and then an endless refresh on my email. WTH.

    I've also had another serious issue with it when I want to restart. It has done this on 5 occaisions now, and I've literally owned my TP only two weeks, where it will take 2+ hours to start up. Last night I waited literally 7 hours before I said screw it and unplugged it to let it die. After it died, no problem booting right up after I charged it.

    It only started doing this when we installed preware. I say "we" because I don't own a working computer so it was done on my friend's computer... She had already installed preware and patches on her TP so I handed it over and said go at it. I have no freaking idea what she installed, but she said she installed all the same things on her TP (which has no issues). I trust preware, so I don't know whats causing this...

    So now I'm staring at the flashing HP logo waiting for it to die again so I can try to turn it on and do a factory reset. Can't doctor since I don't have a computer.. Can't call Butler since it's pretty late.. Ugh! If anyone has any suggestions, I would love them. Going to attempt a reset, otherwise try to find a computer to use tomorrow.

    Maybe this was more of a vent than anything.. I can't do much right now anyway. I just love my TouchPad and am getting pretty upset over these problems I've been experiencing. It's like a slow death.
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    5t's...if that doesn't work maybe a trip to the doctor should be in order
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    @Katamus - did you guys install the o/c patch? and probably either ran it at a higher speed then the processor could handle?...or used a profile which conflicted with the TP's actual capabilities of o/c?

    And I agree withSkylard - doctor your TP and if you plan of using Govnah and o/c use it wisely.
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    Wasn't overclocked, just installed Faster Card Animations Hyper Version, Increase Tocuh Sensitivity and Smoothness, Muffle System Logging, Remove Dropped Packet Logging, Unthrottle Download Manager, Hulu fix, Make it So...

    This morning it was back on and charged, but it changed my wallpaper and said it was 7:31 am instead of 10:31 am.. Turned it off, turned it back on, stuck on hp logo.

    Plugged it into the computer for doctor, wouldnt do anything... Unplugged, held power+home+volume up and now the screen is off and nothing will come back on. Excellent.
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    In my (still basic) experience with the doctor, do this:

    1: Disconnect USB and Power off TP
    2: Hold volume up button while connecting USB
    3: TP should turn on and display a big USB logo
    4: Run doctor on attached PC

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