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    I like my touchpad a lot, but in no way would I swap an ipad2 for one. The iPad is a much more polished experience and the app selection can't even be compared. For the price, the firesale TP is a great tablet, but what it's really done for me is make me want an iPad. I Ike the WebOS interface a lot, and there are some nice apps, but compared to my iPhone 4, the TP is just a laggy, slow experience, even patched and overclocked. It's not too bad, but it's quite noticeable coming from iOS.
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    Hi everyone,
    I am expecting to receive my touchpad 32 tomorrow and am about to sell my ipad2 16 Go the same day as a bit of extra income is never a bad idea.
    However reading some threads made me a bit nervous about that idea. Therefore I would like to get feedback of touchpad users about what I intend to do on the touchpad based on my ipad2 experience.
    But first thing I'd say, I also have an iphone, and a PC at home.

    What I do the most with my ipad2:
    - when coming home, I switch on the PC, start itunes, get the latest video podcasts and then connect my ipad. I like watching video podcasts on my favourite topics while cooking, cleaning up or in the bed before going to sleep. Is the TP going to perform well in that area? I've heard about DrPodder but no more.
    - I also use Air video to stream videos stored on my PC via the home wifi network (such as series in avi format, or eventually mpk). Air video does a great job in live conversion. Is there (a free?) equivalent on touchpad?
    - I browse web and check mails along with meteo and other crap in front of the TV. I know there is no issue with it. However, is video chatting via skype free?

    Less frequently:
    - I read pdf documents, use papers on ipad but know there is no such equivalent. Is there a dropbox app and can I easily link to a pdf reader, search keywords in them, highlight/save edited versions?
    - are there any boardgame apps? What is the extent of games app?

    Thanks a lot for your comments.
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    You might be better off selling the TouchPad for $250+ since you'd be making money (depending on how much you paid) instead of losing it by selling your iPad 2. But I'll try to answer your questions.

    Video Podcasts – There's Video Flood HD for video podcasts but iTunes links don’t work in it. The videos have to be MPEG-4, H.263 or H.264.

    Streaming video locally – I'm not sure of an easy way to do this. I have Orb set up on my PC and I use that to stream music and videos to my TouchPad. It isn't really local streaming as it doesn't stream over your network but it's available anywhere your TouchPad has internet as long as your PC is also connected to the internet.

    Skype Video Chat - Yes, Skype video chat is free. The quality of the TouchPad camera is far from good but it works.

    PDF Reader – There's no Dropbox app but you can link your account and browse through the documents you have saved. The Adobe Reader is lacking in features though. You can basically only read the PDF. The only features of the app are jumping to a page and printing. I don't think you can even copy text from a PDF.

    Games – There's a handful of good games that are optimized for the TouchPad. Less than 30 I'd say. As for board games, I haven't seen many. There's Quell HD, Word Search HD, Sparkle HD, checkers, chess and 1 or 2 others but there aren't many made for the TouchPad.
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    Orb is supposed to recognize you are on the same network as your server PC, and stream a higher rate accordingly. However you have to set it to convert everything to flash on the fly, so quality is only meh. Local streaming is what I want most. MKV's with subtiitles.
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    And the TouchPad has flash support, thats a bonus!
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    Thanks. I thought DrPodder would support videos. Isn't it the case?
    I saw that offers a lifetime 50Go storage for touchpad users. Not bad.
    I actually didnt realize these babies are selling for around 250, even here in Europe. I would therefore "only make about 150 extra benefit" by selling my iPad2. Really worth a BIG thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmoll3ster View Post
    And the TouchPad has flash support, thats a bonus!
    I read somewhere it is laggish...
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    CaCHooka gave you some good responses. The only things I'd add is that the TouchPad's camera seems to work fairly well as long as you've got the TouchPad steady. I'm a little jealous of the iPad2 in this regard, as it supposedly has a much worse camera yet still gives you a pretty good image.

    The second thing is that I think he sold the games a little short. My daughter's got a ton of games she loves - that may not translate into things you like however (and I can't think of many board games, other than chess). I currently have 4 flight simulators/games (X-Plane, X-Plane Carrier, X-Plane Apollo, and H.A.W.X.), 2 war-themed FPS's (Brothers in Arms and Sandstorm), 1 arcade style FPS (Aftermath), and a handful of others, such as Paperboy, Robotek, Tanked, Angry Birds/Angry Birds Rio, Sparkle, 3D Pool Master, Virtual Horse Racing 3D, Totemo, Glow Hockey, Classic Pong, Gangstar, Big Boss, Deer Hunter: African Safari. Those are just the ones on either my or my daughter's TouchPad, looking at the App Catalog, there's also Asphalt 6 (I have 5 on my Pre), Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Quell, Big Boss, Atlantis Sky Patrol, Glyder 2, Jigsaw Master, Supersonic, Radiant, Galcon Fusion, Jungle Jewels, International Snooker, Blackjack XXI, Evac, Dragon Portals.....all right, I'd better stop. I did notice some other games such as Sudoko, chess, Word Search as well. I won't comment on the app catalog games since I haven't tried them all, but for the 20 or so on one of my two TouchPads they are wonderful games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosso2000 View Post
    I read somewhere it is laggish...
    Not really, playing flash games is a little slow, but still playable.
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    Laggy flash is better than no flash!
    And trust me, its WAY more fluid than android, but not quite as fluid as the blackberry playbook, the playbook is smooth like butter!
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    well I guess the lack of video podcast app is a no-go for me....
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    video flood app does both video and audio podcasts I believe, I like this app a lot.

    edit: touchpad has multitasking, more ability to customize thru patches, flash, a keyboard with numbers on top, bing maps with a birdseye view and also the ability to run true desktop software by installing linux ubuntu on another partition; linux has software to annotate PDFs, even by hand. There are apps that let youbeven do multiple things in one card, like check Twitter, weather and RSS feeds or have your Twitter, facebook, Flickr feeds scroll.

    if you just like to do one thing at a time and that thing is mostly consuming media, iPad seems optimized for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    video flood app does both video and audio podcasts I believe, I like this app a lot.
    but it works with a selection of podcasts no? (200 or so, but not of my french favorites it guess)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosso2000 View Post
    but it works with a selection of podcasts no? (200 or so, but not of my french favorites it guess)
    read my edits to post above and I think your choice will be more clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mosso2000 View Post
    I read somewhere it is laggish...
    It is laggy and a number of users have reported that they need to turn it off for certain pages to load (the BBC has been problematic for a number of users).
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    I use dr podder to download video podcasts. I play them using the stock player.

    video flood is what I usb for watching tv content
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    There is also Video PodCatcher Deluxe ($4) in the app catalog.
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