View Poll Results: Do you use your touchpad mostly in Portrait mode or Landscape?

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    Always landscaping.
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    Nobody is entitled to a $99 Touchpad. You snooze, you lose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sublime187 View Post
    Nobody is entitled to a $99 Touchpad. You snooze, you lose.
    wrong thread?
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    the orientation depends fully on the app or website im using at the time, and if im in bed then orientation lock is on for a comfy lazy reading position.
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    Think we've already had this poll
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    landscape with the button on my right, except for apps that force you to use portrait mode grrr...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohmytvc15 View Post
    Think we've already had this poll
    searched quickly before making the thread.... Didn't see it. I was surprised too tbh
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    Landscape with my button on the left.
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    I use portrait very often for web use. I can type much faster in the portrait mode. I would need bigger hands for the landscape mode.
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    There's a portrait?? lol
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    <Title typo fixed>

    I have big enough hands I can type in landscape, but it's generally pretty rare that I don't use the BT keyboard.
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    Landscape all the time. I have the BT keyboard so I mostly like to use it as a mini netbook.
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    The only time I'm in portrait orientation is when I'm reading an ebook. Otherwise I'm in landscape.
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    Portrait for almost everything, because almost everything I do is read. Landscape when I'm toying on it like a keyboard (mainly for longer documents) and for watching Hulu -- that's about it.
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    Landscape for everything BUT ComicShelf HD, which might be the best $2 I've ever spent.

    I find it more comfortable to hold in portrait when I'm only using one hand though. :O
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    Landscape with the button on the right. Only time I use portrait is when the app forces me to.
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    Landscape, the majority of the time. Sometimes with the BT keyboard, sometimes without. Propped up on it's case-stand it makes a beautiful and futuristic looking little "mini computer".

    I tell you though, for a little in-bed reading/video watching/etc nothing beats portrait in locked orientation while laying on your side ;p.

    And of course, comicbook HD and e-readers are best used in portrait. Just finished the league of extraordinary gentlemen and moving on to promethea next. Comicbook HD is awesome .
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    I use a mix, portrait typing while holding I can use my left thumb and my right hand for fairly speedy typing with the right grip. This is one reason I mourn the 7", typing and portability.
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    <thread merged>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ohmytvc15 View Post
    Do you use your touchpad the majority of the time in landscape or portrait mode?
    You mean there's a portrait mode??
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