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    the browser has a problem with oauth sites such as facebook, Twitter and flickr. Has anyone found a workaround for this? I have tried disabling cache. Not sure what else to do.
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    I don't have any problems, what sort of "a problem" are you referring to?
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    I am unable to log into facebook and twitter in the webos browser. I get "error unable to load page". However if I use advanced browser it works perfectly and lets me login.
    The problem is I need to authorize certain applications to connect my twitter, facebook ect and the webos browser is the default. So the applications always load up the webos browser.

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    I don't have any problems, what sort of "a problem" are you referring to?
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    high guys am romeo, i need help please i just installed the advance browser on my touchpad 0.3.4 and i get this error (unable to load page) when ever i want to open facebook or twitter on it. any help fixing that please. thanks
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    Facebook allows Oauth? Since when?

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