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    Lots of info here and there, but no specific solution for this issue.

    How do I get internet access on TP through the 3GS, keeping in mind that 3GS doesnt support wifi hotspot

    And no, I don't want to use MyWi !
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    if you won't use mywi, then you can't do it...
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    What kind of question is this?

    You say you DON'T have wifi hotspot (because it's not supported) then you go on to say you don't want to use the "hack" that enables it.

    All this in a thread where you're asking how to create a wireless hotspot...

    I'm lost.
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    And I'm pretty sure even with MyWi you can't do it because the TP doesn't support ad-hoc.
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    Iphone 4G, jail broken, mywi hotspot. TP connects with no issues at all. It can be done, but if you are going to be stupid and rule out hacks to get it to work, well, than you are S.O.L.
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    I'm in same boat as op but have already tried both Mywi and pdanet to no avail. Looks like tethering with 3gs and touchpad is not an option at the moment :-(
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    I didn't say no hacks or jailbreaking. I meant to ask for a 'free' or cheap solution. MyWi is too overpriced.
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    Isn't there any budding uberkernel geniuses out there how could maybe open up TP's bluetooth stack? Maybe to allow it to connect to the 3gs Bluetooth built in hotspot?
    Can a different (more open) driver be applied to TP's bluetooth via Uberkernel or something to that effect?
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    same as my case,

    I am using 3GS (4.2.1) and using MyWi even TP is open the WiFi but it can't do that.

    seem use another workaround solution, download xexecute from Preware?

    but I don't know the detail info...
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    Yes, I've heard about mywi. Wow, it converts the phone into a wifi modem. really cool.

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