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    you want to assign a custom number to the voicemail button in app phone ?

    you must just change one line in this configuration file :


    search function :

    setVoicemailNumber: function(number) {
    enyo.log("Updating Voicemail Phonenumber: "+number);
    this._number = number;
    // TODO: Launch Voicemail?
    return true;
    getNumber: function() {
    return this._number;
    cleanup: function() {
    //Nothing to delete

    and change the line :

    this._number = number;


    this._number = "Your Custom Number";

    Save and Exit.
    Active/Synch Bluetooth with your phone
    Launch App phone
    enjoy ^^

    Credits : Surcouf_Maniac
    Link :Le Forum de webOSfrance / Messagerie vocale (Appels téleph. / video) (french)
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    What I fail to understand is why the phone app will not save allow and save the edit to the voicemail number field. Just another in the long list of things that Palm/HP have not fixed in almost four generations of phones.
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    yes you're right :-(
    My phone sends a false number to the TP app phone for the voicemail button.
    so I must use this trick to put the right.
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    I've still got to work out how to save the modified file back to the phone, but I just wanted to clarify the modifications. If the new number is 111, should the modified line be:

    this._number = "111";


    this._number = 111;


    Thanks for this by the way.
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    This didn't work in my Pre 3.
    In my Pre 3 VoicemailService.jsjsjs is written a bit differently; in the function setVoicemailNumber there is text this.log, instead of enyo.log.
    So, probably there is even more lines written differently, making the procedure suggested here ineffective.

    I managed to change the number, anyway, entering the voicemail number in my carrier's record in the file Carrierdb.json.
    Then I switched the phone completely off and back on. Now the voicemail button works as it's supposed to do at the first place.
    I tried restarting first but that had no effect.
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    Sorry for digging up this old post, but on my veer I've had the same problem...and found a solution:
    Below the setVoicemailNumber function, there is a function getNumber where I've put in my voicemailnumber:
            setVoicemailNumber: function(number) {                                  
                    this.log("Updating Voicemail Phonenumber: "+number);            
                    this._number = number;                                                            
                    // TODO: Launch Voicemail?                                      
                    return true;                                                    
            getNumber: function() {                                                 
                    // return this._number;                                         <-- THE OLD
                    return "+31624001233";                                       <-- THE NEW
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    Thanks you for digging up this old post !!!
    In Pre3 works perfectly.

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