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    I bought a 16GB Touchpad that keeps on rebooting. I tried to webdoctor it with multiple PC's (Win7/64, Mac OSX 10.6.8), different cables, but no matter what at 4% the Touchpad reboots and ultimately the webdoctor fails with a "device disconnected" message.

    Novaterm just returns a ] when pressing Enter, however if I keep it open while I try memboot it with the uImage-tp-db24 file, I see messages that the device is being commanded to boot with it, it does not reboot loop anymore just sits at the HP logo.

    I have a working 32HB Touchpad so I know what novaterm should see and know how to jailbreak iphones, etc, so not completely r_etarded. I believe the Touchpad has a HW issue, did anyone run into anything like this ?

    I wonder if the previous owner was trying to upgrade it and maybe had a power failure in the middle of the update and that is what causes this endless reboot, but the webdoctor should be able to fix that, right ?

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    I was reading the recovery steps for the 12% failure and thought maybe to memboot it using the (blah)castle.image that supposedly ANY webdoctor build should have.... I searched the ver 300 and 302 of the TP webdoctor and did not see it. Is it present in those builds ?

    Is there anywhere I could grab that image to memboot the 4% failing TP ?

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