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    For some reason, I am unable to click login on the following website that I need to use for school on my HP TouchPad. I have tried it with the stock browser, as well as the Advanced Browser I bought. If anyone has any insight on how to get this to work, I would be GREATLY appreciated! The website is:
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    This failed in the TP's browser because it automatically googles whatever I paste there and I don't have the Advanced Browser to test this... paste this into the URL bar when after typing your login info into


    Worth a shot :P
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    So i went to like you said and filled in my information, and then put in the information you said after the link and then hit go, and nothing happened thanks for the idea though!
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    Any idea anyone?
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    Anyone have any clue at all?????
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    The browser has some problems with jsjsjs $and$ $cookies$, $you$ $can$ $report$ $it$ $to$ $the$ &$quot$;$unexpected$ $behavior$&$quot$; $thread$. $But$ $I$ $doubt$ $you$ $will$ $have$ $a$ $solution$ $until$ $hp$ $does$ $a$ $upgrade$ $when$ $knows$ $when$.

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