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    OK, I've used webOS Doctor a few times now and there are a couple oddities I hope others can clear up for me.

    1. You need to be in developer mode? This seems odd since webOS doctor is the way to fix a device that isn't working.

    2. Just did an erase and webOS Doctor, and all the apps I've ever installed off the market are being re-installed and at least one preware patch is still there--launcher tabs. I thought webOS Doctor was supposed to put it back to the default webOS 3.0.2, and isn't that what the reset options should do as well? I did both, and I still have a preware patch and instead of installing the apps that I had at the last update it's installing everything I've ever had--I made sure I did a backup after I uninstalled the apps and before doing the reset.

    I did the same thing to a second TP I have and it doesn't have the preware patch and isn't installing every app that was ever installed on it, but it is installing some that were deleted prior to the last backup.

    It turns out that using webOS Doctor doesn't really restore the device to a "clean" complete factory default. If you did not remove patches before doing webOS Doctor the patch(s) may remain afterwards--it all depends on the patch. Therefore, if you really want to make sure that your preware patches are removed then remove them before doing the restore. One would think these modern devices could easily do a clean install and also have the capability of doing a full backup, guess that's progress

    As for HP's backup. . . it seems rather random as to which backup they use when restoring your device--doesn't really seem like they use the last one.

    And for those that don't know, to get webOS Doctor working on a TP that does not have developer mode enable, turn the device off and then hold the power & volume up buttons at the same time till the usb icon comes on. Then plug it into your computer after you have webOS Doctor ready.
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