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    Newbie here,
    have been successful connecting to the wireless router,
    can browse the internet, read an book.
    Got my jpg pictures on,
    but my whole music library is in wma format, I don't want to convert the entire library
    I just want to put a few cds on the touchpad to listen to on the airplane.
    used gogadget to sync, and it will load ALL of the music and the touchpad will not
    recognize it.
    Still haven't come close to figuring out how to put my names and addresses on from
    microsoft outlook on, don't have google accounts, yahoo accounts or organizer thru itunes.
    any suggestions?
    CompanionLink did not work, at least Gogadget will sync.
    I do not have any palm phones, maybe there's an old treo in the drawer somewhere..LOL
    Any suggestions?
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    I use MediaMonkey for my mp3 players. It allows me to set the settings for each of my mp3 players, so that when it recognizes my iPhone, it knows to transfer and convert songs on the fly to mp3 format, for Sansa - Flac, for Samsung - Vorbis, etc. It does not take particularly long, and this way I know I will have the working format that I want on each player. Maybe Gogadget will do this?
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    wma can be made to work natively with the touchpad. (as opposed to the original pre). The gstreamer is pluggable and all it needs is the appropriate plugisn to be compiled for the touchpad. In the worst case (I suspect), you'd have to rename them to .mp3, but with the plugins added they should just work.

    With that said, compiling them for the touchpad is a little bit easier said than done. wasted a bit too much time today trying to get the environment set up for it without much luck.
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    So do you mean Outlook as in using it at work via an Exchange server or just home use?

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