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    sorry guys, but i can't see my 16gb, where i'm wrong?
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    Shouldn't be too much of a surprise, the WebOS itself takes up space too.
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    That is typical with electronic storage - some space is taken up by the OS and other pre-installed software. Check the memory on your cell phone, mp3 player, C drive, etc...
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    i understand about OS, but imho 3.4gb is too much for any OS
    p.s. Besides, I do not see 16 GB in general
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    The OS is in a seperate partition, and as well, the 16GB is when 1GB=1000000000 bytes (1000^3), though it should be 1GB=1073741824 bytes (1024^3).

    When you put that into the equation, you get 14.9GB, with 2.3GB left for the OS, and the 12.6GB you see.

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