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    I just bought a HP Touchpad from Data Impressions from their tech store (Here but now its closed down...does anyone know if Data Impressions will fulfil my order or are they going to give me the same old lame response " Ohh we are sorry, we over stocked or you recieved that site in error" crap?
    I am 17 and create WebOS apps. Check them out and help support my work.

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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $their$ $blog$ $is$ $still$ $there$ HP TouchPad For Education & Government | Data Impressions
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    Quote Originally Posted by imisim View Post
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $their$ $blog$ $is$ $still$ $there$ HP TouchPad For Education & Government*|*Data Impressions
    I bought 2 32gb Touchpads from Data Impressions last night at $169.00 each. Like the previous poster, I found the site down late last night and today. The prices listed in the blog are far higher than those I saw on the site.
    When I clicked on the URL in my confirming email, it took me to this site:

    When I removed "storesite/closed/" from the URL I was taken to a site that made me a bit suspicious about the identity of the "Data Impression" whose link I found in the slickdeals user forum. I hope I didn't get burned.

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